This section contains project documents and deliverables.

Steering Committee Strategy

February 19, 2020

MKThink shared concepts and conducted a workshop with the NMCUSD Steering Committee to develop focused planning strategies.

Steering Committee Assessment

January 27, 2020

MKThink presented an assessment of the District and its facilities and conducted a workshop to develop a series of strategies to address the deficiencies in the district.

Focus Groups

January 27, 2020

MKThink conducted a series of meetings with the focus groups to determine the needs of the various sites in the district.

Steering Committee Kick Off

December 10, 2019

MKThink conducted a kick off meeting with the Steering Committee to establish Guiding Principles for the project. 

MKThink Board Presentation

September 12, 2019

MKThink presented to the Board of Trustees to gain approval for the commencement of the facilities master planning exercise.